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Our life is full of great and small problems. However, there are surely people in the world who will be able to solve your problem. Find the right people using the connections of your friends and acquaintances. Solve real-life problems with the help of Expanse. After all, connections are a key to everything!


Use our chat to communicate with your friends and acquaintances. Meet new people who are of interest to you. Organize group dialogues. Stay in touch with those who have gone OffLine.


Event Line will make it possible to keep abreast of the life of your friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues. Simple settings will allow you to monitor only the events and news of interest coming from people and organizations that are significant for you.


In groups you can exchange ideas and experience with persons holding the same views. Create your own interest groups. Participate in the groups of your friends and acquaintances. Extend your connections.

Exchange Resource is a project owned by Expanse LP and like any other commercial project it brings profit to its owners. Expanse LP is owned by its partners. We make you a unique proposal to become the partners of Expanse LP.

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